• 今後数ヶ月でいろいろアップデートするよ
  • 安定性と品質を向上するよ
  • 背景をカスタマイズできるようになるよ
  • 管理者権限が設定できるようになるよ
  • コンテンツ共有できる人の権限を管理できるよ
  • その他いろいろ改善するよ
  • 待望のテキストチャットを搭載するよ
  • そして有料プランを導入するよ
  • 4人までは無料だよ
  • 4人以上は分単位で課金するよ(5人以上のこと?)
  • 1000人以上の大規模向けProプランも用意するよ



Zoom飲み会とぜんぜん違う! 「距離」をオンライン飲み会に導入する「SpatialChat」 – INTERNET Watch




Hi everyone!


It’s been incredible two months after our official launch.

We’d like to share some exciting news about what’s coming in SpatialChat?throughout next?months on a step-by-step basis.

Better video stability and quality

We’re in the middle of upgrading SpatialChat to use our new cool infrastructure in order to improve video networking & performance quality.

UI tweaks & improvements

We will introduce several updates to improve user experience:

  • Backgrounds customization
  • Admin settings
  • Content sharing settings (such as control who can add images & videos in you space)
  • Several other improvements to make experience better

Text chat

Many of you asked for this! We’ve found elegant solution for anyone inside a SpatialChat room to share their message or a link.

Introducing paid plans

We gave our initial version of SpatialChat to everyone for free. After our upgrade, SpatialChat will be:

  • Free for up to 4 attendees in a Space
  • Paid by the minute for more than 4 attendees in a Space

SpatialChat for events of unlimited size

We’ve also created Pro plans for SpatialChat customers to host events for 1,000?or even 10,000 people. Our existing customers and their attendees already love the experience. If you are running an online conference, a casual cocktail party or a corporate happy hour, just drop us an email to we will contact you shortly.


Thank you for using our product!

Team at SpatialChat




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